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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Soccer Banner Fall 2008

Okey Peggy here you are! The balck and pink banner is the most current but I posted some of the prior seasons I have made too! The banner keeps better taller and bigger....LOL....The Dolpins banner was all hand cut! It sure is eaiser now that I have my KNK!
And now you get to see pictures of the girls from yesterday and Chloe in action!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Catching Up!

Okey so I am not a very faithful blogger. I have some catching up to do! We bought a 35 foot Fleetwood motor home. It is in great condition and we got a smoking deal! Here are some pictures.

And here are some interior pictures. Phil installed new t.v's and a new stereo. We also replaced the fans and all the lights. We bought a new mattress for the bed and I dry cleaned all the drapes, and the bed skirt and bed spread. That reminds me I need to go pick the spread up from the cleaners! I cleaned all the upholstery and chairs. It is so clean now! Our first trip is going to be October 10. Chloe gets our of school 1/d and we are headed down to Karchner Caverns. That is the beginning of her Fall break and Phil took Monday off so we should have a fun little mini trip.