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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sick Child/Time to Scrap

Chloe is home sick, probably for the next 5 days. So I am home bound and I can scrap. I have decided to catch up her Soccer Seasons. So here I go!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Inchie Swap

Here is my second Inchie Frame. I planned it out so I have room around three sides to put in two rows of Twinchies so I am figuring there will be 24 twinchies with the inchies! I am going to stay with the same theme of hearts, flowers and Insects.I think it will be cute and can not wait to see it filled in,(when we do the Twinchie swap, I'm ready!) Sorry about all the reflections in the picture...but a least I had all my clothes on! LOL...Unlike that man on EBAY!

I was part of an inchie swap with my Thursday Therapy group. we had to each do 10 different sets (designs) for 21 people. When we were all swapped we ended up with 210 inchies! This frame only has 128. I almost have enough left for a second frame! Yeah! I pulled out all the Hearts and flowers and dragonflies/butterflies. That will be the theme for the next frame!

Soccer Game Day

I decided it as time to post some pics of Chloe actually playing Soccer...and the new Soccer ball that Phil got her this morning at Justice, for Valentine's Day. She will love love love this ball! Oh I am also puttin up a picture of Chloe's "special" freind Tyler. He is bringing her water. He walks her home and carries her back pack, violin. He calls and asks her over for pizza dinners at his home. She was the only girl her invited to his "paint ball" birthday party. They are both in fifth grade and he is only 6 months older but her is a very large boy and she is the smallest in the fifth grade. They are really cute together! I think he is going to bring her a Valentine. We will see!