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Monday, July 28, 2008

Chloe is Home

It is great to take your camera with you and have a fully charged battery. However if you want to get those really "great pics" you need to reinsert your memory card back into the camera after you d/l the pictures to your computer. Therefore...I do not have any pics of Chloe getting off the camp bus....my memory card was at home in the computer. Boy was I happy.
I do however have the pics of when she came home and saw her new room! The little stinker knew we were doing this. She even wrote about it in her camp journal....LOL.....How excited she was to see it and what would it look like. Go Figure.

So she opened her bedroom door and.....

.....and I think this picture says it all

I spent all day Sunday working on the vinyl for Chloe's walls. I am very happy with how they came out.

I want to give a special thanks to Ellen Jackson (Ducky) for her beautiful hibiscus flower design. I know they are never blue but Chloe is really down on anything pink right now! Thank you Ellen for sharing your beautiful designs with the cutter world!

Now I am done with all this "home" stuff so I will have to find something new to blog about!

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Kitchen is Done

Okey I almost have everything cleaned up and back into place. I had to put Liquid Gold on my cabinets this morning to clean them up as nicely as my new paint looks. I Love Love Love the new color. It is hard to pick a color on a small color chip and imagine it on the wall. The day the paint went on I had second thoughts but just closed my eyes and let the painters do their thing. I am so happy with it.

The painter had a small mishap and broke a globe on my kitchen chandelier. It was a special order fixture when we built our home 8 years ago...what do you think my chances are of finding one to match....so far it has been zip! I need to go to a high end lighting store in Scottsdale this weekend and do some searching or they will have to replace all 6.

Chloe gets home around 6:30 tonight. I made this digital quick page this morning and had it printed at Costco, and I put it on her new cork board that we add to the back wall of her desk hutch.. It was from our Cruise two weeks ago in Mazatlan. I did not have time to do a full digital l/o but the qp worked just fine. I think she looks adorable as she was waiting for the cliff divers to take their plunge.

Now all my Summer projects are done and School starts August 6. Chloe and I have one more week together at the waterpark, lunches, and having a swim party with her Girl Scout friends before school starts. It hardly seems possible they have been together as a Troop for 5 years.

Next weekend our Thursday Therapy group will have a weekend of scrapbooking at Wild Horse Pass. There are 15 of us going and we are going to have a blast! That should give me new material to put here on my blog.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chloe's Room Is Done

Wow this has been fun. Her room is totally larger looking now and very bright and cheerful. I think this will be a very calming color for her to have. Her sheets came in from PB Teen but the spread is back ordered so I ran up to LNT and bought a new pretty blanket. I also steamed the grout and got it all done so it is fresh and clean too. Of course I washed the windows, and what happens when we wash windows...sure...it rains! Go figure. So here are the pics of her room all finished. Oh one more thing. When I got home from TT tonight Phil had gone out and bought her a new flat screen television. Yes we do spoil this child!

I love her drapes. They are a sheer linen fabric with a circle design that echos the circles on her sheets. The best part is they were closing them out and I got them for $9.99 per window. I love a good deal. The little blue man on her dresser is just exactly like one she saw in the PB Teen catalog. They wanted $35.00 for it. I found one exactly like it a Ikea but not painted for $5.00. So I just bought that new Krylon paint that is for all materials and sprayed it to dark blue to complement her room. I also painted the blue C on her door and the picture frame on her entertainment center.

So doesn't Phil look professional with a drill in his hands? LOL...He is Chloe's dressing room area and beyond that is her shower and toilet.
We had a great day at TT. It was so much fun to see everyone again. We had a great dinner at Olive Garden.It has been a long Summer but school starts Aug 6....of course there is always WHP! I can't wait. Plans were made tonight at dinner. (we may see Cindy wearing a teddy at pajama night!) At good time will be had by all! If anyone doesn't have a good time it will be only their fault. Let the Party begin!
As soon as I can get my kitchen all put back together I will post pictures of it. I totally love the color...at Hint: the color is deep deep_ _ _...LOL (Sandy said don't tell!) I want to get it all done tomorrow.
It has been a nice week around here but I am missing Chloe and I am ready for her to come home. That will be tomorrow night! Yeah! I am going to go to Toys R Us and buy a toy bus and put in in front of her closed bedroom door. Then we are going to say..."Chloe Rose Move that Bus"! LOL
Okey I am out of words for tonight. I need to go read the boards. There is a lot of buzzing going on today so I hear! I see I have over 200 emails so it must be juicy! See Ya!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let the Fun Begin

The painting begins today. Okey yesterday I posted pictures of Chloe's room pre painting now today I am going to focus on the kitchen and breakfast nook.

So this is how it looks pre painting. The painters said they should be done late today or finish up a few hours tomorrow. I can't wait I love change!

I also told Ellen (Ducky) that I would post a picture of the wall art I am doing in Chloe's room. Last night I cut this Surfer girl I got from Bibi as a GSD file and converted it to KNK. It came out quite nicely. Remember this is only a test cutting. It is not the color I am planning on using. I am waiting for the vinyl I ordered to come and then I will decide the best color it may be blue or white. I am going to use Ducky's Hibiscus flowers too. That will probably be next week.

Here is the vinyl cut out. It is 12 x 24.
It is suppose to be 102 today with 27% humidity! Okey with all the painters in my home there is way to much testorone in here. I think this will be a good day to go shopping!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Day One

Yesterday we took Chloe to Girl Scout Camp and then came home and tore her room apart to repaint and redecorate. This turned into a larger job then we thought! We decided we need to repaint her furniture too! So we primed and painted. Tonight we are still doing that! The painters come tomorrow and promise to be done by Thursday, so I have all day Friday to put her room back together. She is going from dark purple to light blue with a Surfer girl theme.

So far we have painted her dresser and night stand. We still have her bed and desk with hutch and her entertainment center. You can see samples of the blue she picked on the wall. It is the lighter one. She knows we are repainting but she does not know that we are repainting her furniture and that I ordered all new bedding for her from Pottery Barn Teen. The sheets came today but the spread is back ordered. I bought new drapes that are very cool at Ikea and some curtain rods that are actually wires! It will look so cool!

I ordered vinyl to do some wall art. I can not wait for it to come. I played around today with some outdoor vinyl I have just to do test cuts and make sure that I have the sizes that I want. I am not applying this to the walls just using as templetes.

I just remembered I need to get over to Linens and things too to get her new towels, and bath mats. Yikes I almost forgot about those.

It is 108 today and humid. We had a lightening storm tonight and some rain. That will really make all the trees and plants happy.

I hope Chloe is having a great time at Camp.

Okey this is it, I have finally entered the Blogger world. I wonder why?