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Friday, July 25, 2008

The Kitchen is Done

Okey I almost have everything cleaned up and back into place. I had to put Liquid Gold on my cabinets this morning to clean them up as nicely as my new paint looks. I Love Love Love the new color. It is hard to pick a color on a small color chip and imagine it on the wall. The day the paint went on I had second thoughts but just closed my eyes and let the painters do their thing. I am so happy with it.

The painter had a small mishap and broke a globe on my kitchen chandelier. It was a special order fixture when we built our home 8 years ago...what do you think my chances are of finding one to match....so far it has been zip! I need to go to a high end lighting store in Scottsdale this weekend and do some searching or they will have to replace all 6.

Chloe gets home around 6:30 tonight. I made this digital quick page this morning and had it printed at Costco, and I put it on her new cork board that we add to the back wall of her desk hutch.. It was from our Cruise two weeks ago in Mazatlan. I did not have time to do a full digital l/o but the qp worked just fine. I think she looks adorable as she was waiting for the cliff divers to take their plunge.

Now all my Summer projects are done and School starts August 6. Chloe and I have one more week together at the waterpark, lunches, and having a swim party with her Girl Scout friends before school starts. It hardly seems possible they have been together as a Troop for 5 years.

Next weekend our Thursday Therapy group will have a weekend of scrapbooking at Wild Horse Pass. There are 15 of us going and we are going to have a blast! That should give me new material to put here on my blog.

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