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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let the Fun Begin

The painting begins today. Okey yesterday I posted pictures of Chloe's room pre painting now today I am going to focus on the kitchen and breakfast nook.

So this is how it looks pre painting. The painters said they should be done late today or finish up a few hours tomorrow. I can't wait I love change!

I also told Ellen (Ducky) that I would post a picture of the wall art I am doing in Chloe's room. Last night I cut this Surfer girl I got from Bibi as a GSD file and converted it to KNK. It came out quite nicely. Remember this is only a test cutting. It is not the color I am planning on using. I am waiting for the vinyl I ordered to come and then I will decide the best color it may be blue or white. I am going to use Ducky's Hibiscus flowers too. That will probably be next week.

Here is the vinyl cut out. It is 12 x 24.
It is suppose to be 102 today with 27% humidity! Okey with all the painters in my home there is way to much testorone in here. I think this will be a good day to go shopping!

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AZMom said...

LOL that is a neat cut out. I can't wait to see all of it when it is done!

Have fun shopping!