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Monday, July 21, 2008

Day One

Yesterday we took Chloe to Girl Scout Camp and then came home and tore her room apart to repaint and redecorate. This turned into a larger job then we thought! We decided we need to repaint her furniture too! So we primed and painted. Tonight we are still doing that! The painters come tomorrow and promise to be done by Thursday, so I have all day Friday to put her room back together. She is going from dark purple to light blue with a Surfer girl theme.

So far we have painted her dresser and night stand. We still have her bed and desk with hutch and her entertainment center. You can see samples of the blue she picked on the wall. It is the lighter one. She knows we are repainting but she does not know that we are repainting her furniture and that I ordered all new bedding for her from Pottery Barn Teen. The sheets came today but the spread is back ordered. I bought new drapes that are very cool at Ikea and some curtain rods that are actually wires! It will look so cool!

I ordered vinyl to do some wall art. I can not wait for it to come. I played around today with some outdoor vinyl I have just to do test cuts and make sure that I have the sizes that I want. I am not applying this to the walls just using as templetes.

I just remembered I need to get over to Linens and things too to get her new towels, and bath mats. Yikes I almost forgot about those.

It is 108 today and humid. We had a lightening storm tonight and some rain. That will really make all the trees and plants happy.

I hope Chloe is having a great time at Camp.

Okey this is it, I have finally entered the Blogger world. I wonder why?


AZMom said...

Looks like it will be nice once it's done. What a great idea!

AZ Mom - AKA Marla

M said...

Welcome to blogging! We don't get to see each othe much so this will be a fun way to keep up.