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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chloe's Room Is Done

Wow this has been fun. Her room is totally larger looking now and very bright and cheerful. I think this will be a very calming color for her to have. Her sheets came in from PB Teen but the spread is back ordered so I ran up to LNT and bought a new pretty blanket. I also steamed the grout and got it all done so it is fresh and clean too. Of course I washed the windows, and what happens when we wash windows...sure...it rains! Go figure. So here are the pics of her room all finished. Oh one more thing. When I got home from TT tonight Phil had gone out and bought her a new flat screen television. Yes we do spoil this child!

I love her drapes. They are a sheer linen fabric with a circle design that echos the circles on her sheets. The best part is they were closing them out and I got them for $9.99 per window. I love a good deal. The little blue man on her dresser is just exactly like one she saw in the PB Teen catalog. They wanted $35.00 for it. I found one exactly like it a Ikea but not painted for $5.00. So I just bought that new Krylon paint that is for all materials and sprayed it to dark blue to complement her room. I also painted the blue C on her door and the picture frame on her entertainment center.

So doesn't Phil look professional with a drill in his hands? LOL...He is Chloe's dressing room area and beyond that is her shower and toilet.
We had a great day at TT. It was so much fun to see everyone again. We had a great dinner at Olive Garden.It has been a long Summer but school starts Aug 6....of course there is always WHP! I can't wait. Plans were made tonight at dinner. (we may see Cindy wearing a teddy at pajama night!) At good time will be had by all! If anyone doesn't have a good time it will be only their fault. Let the Party begin!
As soon as I can get my kitchen all put back together I will post pictures of it. I totally love the color...at Hint: the color is deep deep_ _ _...LOL (Sandy said don't tell!) I want to get it all done tomorrow.
It has been a nice week around here but I am missing Chloe and I am ready for her to come home. That will be tomorrow night! Yeah! I am going to go to Toys R Us and buy a toy bus and put in in front of her closed bedroom door. Then we are going to say..."Chloe Rose Move that Bus"! LOL
Okey I am out of words for tonight. I need to go read the boards. There is a lot of buzzing going on today so I hear! I see I have over 200 emails so it must be juicy! See Ya!

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Sandy McC said...

WOW... it's SOOO beautiful, Brenda! You guys did an amazing job!