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Monday, January 25, 2010

Okay this may not interest most of you but I thought I would throw it out there .
Yesterday we had to drive over to Surprise and on the way back we were taking to Chloe about how families us to just get into the car on Sunday's after church and just take  family drive.  Thus the term "Out for a Sunday Drive", or Sunday Driver".
I remembered reading an article on the internet of a part of Phoenix called the Harmony district where thousands of Chickens, Guinea Fowl, and Peacocks just roam freely around the area or 32nd Street and 40th Street and Indian School and Thomas.  Since we had nothing else really planned for the day we decided to check this out and see if we could find this area of town and the fowl.  We did and it was really funny.  We found the largest amount off of 36th and Flower.  There is small park on Flower and Cherry Lane and they were hiding in the bushes everywhere and when we slowed to see them they came running across the street to see US!  We had some fried potatoes left over from our breakfast that  I was taking home to our dog but Chloe started throwing them out (Chickens eat anything!) and they came from everywhere!

They are called the Heritage Chickens and are actually protected by the City of Phoenix and this neighborhood.  If you look around the homes people put out bowls of water for them.  There is even a Caution Chicken Crossing Sign.

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Farrah Lindsey said...

Thats funny kind of gross and unsanitary but funny thank you for sharing the story and pictures.