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Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I am posting pics today of my cleaned and freshly oiled Featherweight "Betty".  I wish I had taken before pics, but I didn't.  This machine is the one that will eventually reside in the newly refinished case that I have posted pics of.  For those who are concerned about a good Kerosene soaking, you can see my decals have been unaffected and the yellowing that the black paint had originally when I got Betty is gone.(I think it was old nicotine yuck)

Everything is clean and well oiled.   All I have to do is grease the gears once I find out the proper grease to use.   If you really want to compare,  look at how clean all the screw heads are.  The wiring is still the old wiring but Betty runs beautifully so all is good.


thel day said...

I have an old one that I bought in a Garage Sale last summer. Yours is in very good shape. My mother did a lot of sewing on an old machine like this. Greetings Thelma

Rohini Sharma said...

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