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Sunday, November 9, 2014


Today my husband started sanding on the case.

It took several hours with an electric sander to get the surface sanded down.  It was probably a good thing I went this route.  Once it was all sanded he found the bottom of the box was cracked all around.  I would have been so crushed if my little machine had fallen through the bottom of the box while I was carrying it.  

The only thing holding it intact was the fabric covering and that was rotted out too, and a small portion that had not come unglued,.  There was also a crack in the case on the front about half way up from the bottom.  So he glued and clamped and bonded the case back together.  This is what he got done on day two.  Tomorrow he will tackle the inside.  It is still the same as it was from the day one photos.  

Can you see the beautiful tongue and groove corners?  They don't make things like that today!

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