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Friday, August 29, 2008

Monsoon Storm August 28,2008

Wow Wow Wow

I am not sure what you all experienced las night with the storm but it was totally AWESOME here. It was rated as a Catagory 1 hurricane. The worst in recorded history for Arizona. This has been the 10th wettest monsoom season in recorded history (since the 1800's something).
We seemed to be right in the eye of the storm. We did not experience the high winds but the sound of the constant (and I mean constant) lightening was deafening. I took some pictures and will post them here. We had no damage to any or our trees or property . We did not even have any debris in our pool. We always have debris in the pool. You will be able to tell how very windless it was in my pictures if you look at the palm trees. This storm went on from about 9:00 pm and continued right over head until 1:00 am. I have never in my life seen constant lightening strikes or constatn thunder like that. It was truely God's power at work.

It is too bad that the brand new Tempe Bubble for foot ball practice was totally demolished. Only open less then a month and $8.4 M all wiped out last night. Phil said it looked like a war zone around his office in Phoenix with downed trees and power poles.


stefani said...

Cool lightning shots! It sure has been a wet season that is for sure.

AZMom said...

At least you grabbed your camera. I wish I had!