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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Scrap Sistazs at Wild Horse Pass Crop Weekend

Well I had an awesome time at Wild Horse Pass last weekend! My friends....it was soooo awesome! I know, what happened at WHP stayed at WHP but....I just have to post these pictures! The picture above is Cindy, Me and Sandy, I think we were all showing off our boobs!

We are just starting to trickle in now to the crop room. My little 3' x 3' work space is where the green bag is sitting on the table! That is my roomie Georgia in the red top.
This is the wine and Cheese party that Peggy and Polsia had in their room the first night.

This is Peggy and I, we were roommates in Arlington, and this is my roommate at WPH, Georgia, looks like she is having fun already! but to be fair.....here are Cindy, Georgia and I after the Wine Party but before the three Kamikazes!

Let the PARTY begin! and then....we started signing. "Mama Mia" became a crop favorite!Yes, Cindy and I love a party!

Okey now it will really get good.....we are heading off to dinner at the Casino....

Here we are in the boat for the ride to the Casino. here is my BFF, Polsia with her "lovely" pink bag.

We love to dance.........By now we have had at least one Kamikaze!

And this is the lead Singer....Isn't he cute! And Georgia thought he was shorter then her! Okey back to the crop....We are the three loudest! But we do have a good time! All in good fun right girls! Here is the whole Thursday Therapy Group on pajama night. However, four of us went to dinner at Kai....yummmmmm Michelle, Debbie, Georgia and I. Look at Georgia's adorable and delicious dessert! Isn't Georgia just as beautiful as her dessert? Now for the final picture...does anyone remember why this picture was taken?

And finally the last drink together! A good time was had by all. I can not wait till next year ! Hey...Why Wait?

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