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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Okay I am very proud of this garden. I have lived in Arizona 9 years and have never attempted this even though I had beautiful gardens when we lived in Seattle. The pictures go through from the building of the box March 7, to the planting and finally the most current pcitures I took on April 20 Here you go! This is my Garden Layout.Building the box.

Planting and building the tomatoe cages out of bamboo that I have been growing for two years.

All planted! March 7 2008Now here is is one and a half months later on April 20th. Notice I had to build a bamboo fence to keep my dog out...she loved eating the tops off the Marigolds! Also a 180 pound Mastiff is not condusive to having a beautiful garden.

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Susan Mast said...

Who else is interested in making a Mini Book about "Phil's TO DO" list? Anyone??? Hello??? Sorry Brenda...guess it would be just you and me in class! Hee hee

...But seriously, I'll put it on my list of optional topics! Luv ya!!!