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Friday, April 3, 2009

Sping 2009 Soccer Banner

Okay I just finished the banner from hell tonight...I have major hours in this thing. It is all piecing like paper piecing only in felt and all cut on my MAXX! Each hair bow is a hand tied ribbon.Tomorrow is the first game for the Spring Season so I am good to go. I think the girls will all flip over this one! (they acutally flip over all of them...LOL...but this one is especially cute!IMHO)

I even had to redo two heads from two girls because I had their hair color wrong. Thank GOD for the ginzu knife.....can you tell which two had their heads chopped off and re attached? Those would be Courtney and Haley! I love this software! I would have been hours re cutting all the little pieces that had already been glued on and re gluing, oh felt glue actually fuses .....so .....undo does not work! ...OH VEY!!!

I think this is my best banner yet. I deserve 1st prize..oh yeah...there is no first prize...I am the only BANNER MOM !!!! Okay...I guess I will just reward myself with a new pair of Ed Hardy sunglasses!

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Jennie Dove said...

ARE U SERIOUS? Holy cow woman this is a ton of work. Great job!