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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stay At Home Hubby

Chloe was going to San Diego for three days with the whole fifth grade class on their Oceanography field trip. This is an annual trip and she has been waiting for this since 1st grade. It is also the last year our district is going to do this trip so she was very lucky.

Phil decided since she would be gone he would surprise me and take the whole three days off. SURPRISE!!!! NOT!!!!! So I decided I need to set him up with projects so he would not be in my face 2 4 7 ! Chloe gets home at 8 pm tonight and Phil is so ready to go back to work!

Susan if you want to create a mini book out of this I will definitely be in your class....LOL....so here is what Phil has been up to the past three days!
He built me another garden box. Then I decided we needed sun shade over the new garden beds when it hit 102 yesterday, so he got up bright and early at 6 am to work on that.....He installed new ceiling fans in three rooms and then moved fans around in two more. He fixed some of our outdoor lighting, and as you can see from his list....He still has a very busy day today! LOL..... I did give him a break yesterday and took him to the movies to see Gran Torino.
I think he will rethink surprising me with time off in the future! LOL.

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